Every blog needs an about page to tell the readers who is writing the blog, and why. This is ours. We are going to do it as a Q and A style page, not because that is the best way to do it, but because we’ve never done one before, and it sounds like fun.

So who are you, then?

  • Keeping it simple, are we? Good. We are a bookshop. We are Exclusive Books in Clearwater Mall. ((011) 675 3971).

Why are you here?

  • Wow! That escalated quickly. Why is any of us here? Some believe we are part of some divine and unknowable plan, others that we are the result of a glorious cosmic accident. Douglas Adams famously joked that we were mere cogs in a galactic supercomputer designed to find the answer to life, the universe, and everything (the answer was 42). We sometimes like to think that we are the troubled fever-dream of a mad and ancient…


  • What?


  • Oh. You mean here on this blog. Pity. We were just starting to hit our stride. We are here because we want to talk to you.

So why don’t you just talk to us when we’re in the shop?

  • Because we are book people ourselves. We know how you feel. It’s bad enough when you’re in a computer shop, and a natty looking chap in a branded golf-shirt leaps out every time you pick up an ink cartridge to sign his name on the price-tag and try to sell you an extended warranty, or when you pull out a pair of pants while clothes shopping and the friendly assistant offers to check in the back if they’ve got that item in the “husky” size for you.
  • We know how much worse it is when you have carved yourself out a spot to sit and opened up that new history you’ve been meaning to buy, and are just setting yourself adrift on a sea of words when someone sidles up and tries to sell you the new Jeffrey Archer. That sort of thing is just uncalled for.
  • It makes things a little tricky for us. We’re not ignoring you. If you look uncertain or lost, we’ll be over in a heartbeat to see if there’s anything we can do to help, and if you amble over for a chat we’ll be happy to oblige. Booksellers tend to be a chatty lot. But if you’re out there browsing through our wares, the happier you look the less likely we are to bother you.

Ah. So you set up a blog?

  • Yup. This way we get to talk to you about books (we like doing that) and you get to decide when you want to listen.

So what’s going to be on here?

  • Well, that’s the fun part. We don’t really know. Like we said, we just want to talk to you. We sell books. We want to tell you why you need to buy them (hence the name of the blog…). And we want you to talk to us. And then we get to sit back and watch the conversation evolve.
  • We will start off with a substantial article once a week or so, we’ll let you know if anything new and exciting has come in, we’ll give you a chance to have your say, and we’ll take it from there.


  •  Probably not.

Why on earth not? Isn’t that what book blogs are for?

  • Maybe. But this isn’t a book blog, it’s a bookshop blog, and you seem far too intelligent to buy things based on reviews by the people trying to sell them to you. We might make the odd suggestion.

Ah. Will you be opening a Facebook page to go along with your blog? 

  • We will not be opening a Facebook page to go along with our blog.

Why will you not be opening a Facebook page to go along with your blog?

  • Because Facebook is for stalking ex-girlfriends and posting pictures of cats. We are a little curious about what happened to a certain little coffee shop we used to know, but we simply cannot do the cat thing. Allergies.


  • Nope. We are not launching a social media offensive. We just want a place where we can chat to you about books. And besides, you may have noticed that we are a little long-winded. It takes us more than 140 characters just to clear our throats.

Will you continue to refer to yourselves in the plural?

  • We think we just might. It makes us feel rather important. Regal.


  • We don’t really know how that works. Isn’t it just pictures of badly made cakes? We feel that you have wandered rather far off topic here. Get it together. Are we done?

Yes. Thanks.

  • And thank you. Feel free to pop in anytime there’s anything more you want to know. Cheers.

Cheers. Instagram?

  • What?

Instagram. Will you be setting up an Instagram account?

  • No. That’s for people to take sepia photos of their lunch with, so that they can send them to their friends and say “Look! My lunch! In sepia!” It’s not for talking about books.

Ah. Bye now.

  • Bye.


  •  Go away.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Well … uh …. May we Big Brother? Even if you say no we may (that’s how we are 😉 ). We are new on social media but figured out that an FB-page and some tweets every now and than help to attract people to our blog and into books. In fact we already experienced that. And in regards to Instagram and the other lot … we fully agree with you!!!

    Greetings from the most unusual and quirky bookshop in South Africa (not as big as you are 😉 ),

    Noel and Beth


    • Hello Hemingways! I haven’t been down to Hermanus for decades, but when I mentioned you, my wife came over all misty-eyed and peculiar, so you must be doing something right…
      The problem with being big brother is the “big” part. We would need fifty or so Facebook pages, fifty or so twitter feeds, and about a hundred or so people manning them. The chances of a PR disaster are fairly high…


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