Talk to us.

We set up this blog as a way to chat to you. About books. We like doing that. There are, however, few things quite as sad as a one-sided conversation. We want you to talk to us, too. You can do so right here.

Tell us what made you happy in our store. We’ll try to do more of it. Tell us what made you sad. This will make us sad, but will also give us a chance to fix it.

Tell us what books you’ve loved. Tell us what books you can never find.

Tell us anything. And everything. We’ll get back to you, I promise.

One has to be a little careful when throwing open a forum like this to the public. And so unfortunately, we are going to have to have some rules.


  1. Be nice.

I think that should just about cover things as far as rules are concerned. I don’t mean we want you to be sweet and pliant and schmaltzy. If we have made you unhappy, let us know. If we have driven you into a towering rage, let us know, too. You can even use CAPS LOCK AND EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!  But try to steer clear of rude language and insults when dealing with other customers who are spending their time here. You can, of course, lay the insults and rude language on pretty thick when you are talking to us; we probably won’t put it up here (at least not the rude language. It would seem a shame to waste a really good insult), but we will do our best to address the concerns you have raised.

We look forward to hearing from you…

Oh. If you really do need to talk to us, call us at (011) 675 3971

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